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4 Seasons in Paugnano

4 Seasons in Paugnano

As a real working farm, Podere Paugnano is literally never closed (no, the animals don’t go on holiday or know the difference between a weekday and a weekend)...

This means that our farmhouse is open every single day of the year with someone of our family present!

Our visitors tend to favour the spring and summer seasons but we warmly invite guests to come and stay out of season, during autumn and winter. This time of year can be spectacular both in terms of the rich, colourful landscape and the delicious seasonal menus served in the heart of the property – the family kitchen.

In our opinion, sitting next to the open fire in front of a plate of ‘pappardelle al cinghiale’ (hand made pasta with wild boar) or a fresh mushroom risotto, sipping on a good local red wine, watching the rain or snow fall outside, is just as enticing as a plate of ricotta and spinach ravioli with sauce made from freshly picked tomatoes, served on our outdoor terrace, bathed in the red light of the sun fading over Radicondoli, on a warm July evening.

Podere Paugnano offers a truly unique experience at any time of year and we recommend guests come and try it for themselves, also visiting out of season, in a month not usually associated with holidays, when you can rediscover the beauty, the colours and the flavours of the Tuscan countryside.